Wansfell 10k Trail Race 2017

The Festival of the Fells in Ambleside asked us to put on a 'NEW' trail race for their event this last September and so we've come up with this little course! Fully marked, a great mix of trail and fell and organised by a professional organisation who bring you races such as the 'Lakes Sky Ultra'


Online - £20.00 

On the day - £25.00

Register between 08:00 and 09:30

Entries open 1st May 2017 

Enter below: (0800 hours on the 1st May 2017)


Parish Centre, Vicarage Road, Ambleside, LA22 9DH

Course Map


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The Route

Starting at Rothay Park, the race route follows the footpath straight through the park and heads North East once over the bridge to come out opposite the University of Cumbria. It then follows the pavement/road past the Climbers Shop and Bilbo's Cafe to start the main ascent up the Stockghyll Force road and onto Wansfell. Ascending by the main footpath from Ambleside to the summit of Wansfell Pike, you will have burning lungs and legs. 

Once the summit is reached you will be glad of a short break for the legs until you start the undulations go the summit ridge which seem much tougher after the main ascent! This leads to the summit of Wansfell and a 'Wainwright' for all you baggers, and the start of the first descent! Marked but fell running in essence, you weave your way down a steep descent before taking the soft ground to the walled 'Hundreds Lane' and the new footpath to the start of the 2nd ascent. 

The second ascent is no easier, as tired legs and 'runable' terrain allow for a those with the fitness and skills to take this in 'their stride' (make no mistake, it is tough although not so far in distance). On reaching Wansfell Pike for a second time you will be directed down one of the best descents in the Lakes. The footpath is narrow and slippy in places, care will be needed by those not used to off road descending, but if you have the skills the race can be won or lost on this technical, but amazingly flowing and fun part of the course. On reaching the 'Kiln' at the bottom of the descent you will be treated with a typical wooden 'Lakeland Style' to cross, a good one for crampy legs! 

Now enter a different realm, from fell to woodland trails and these ones are perfect. Follow single track into the woods and some very technical terrain to start with and then join the main footpath (same as the L100/50) to come out opposite the large garden centre in Ambleside and then follow the L100/50 route back to the park and your 'GLORY' finish. 

**This is a marked course, with a mix of road (not more then 20%), trails and single track (30%), open fell (40%) and woodland trails (10%). The whole course is marked and marshalled well throughout. 


The Wansfell Trail Race is £20 to enter online and £25 on the day entries. 

Important dates for your diary

  • Entries Open - Monday 1st May 2017 - 08:00
  • Entries Close - Wednesday 13th September 2017 - 21:00

Wansfell Trail Race key dates and timings:

  • Sunday 24th September 2017:

Race Registration 08:00 - 09:30 

Pre-Race Briefing 09:50 to 09:59

Race Start 10:00

Leading Runners Arrive 11:10

Course Closes 13:00

This is a minimum kit list for the Wansfell Trail Race.

Must be worn as a minimum: 

  • Short Sleeve base layer top/Vest (NO COTTON) 
  • Shorts or tights
  • Mountain/Trail running shoes

** If in doubt email us in advance of the race weekend.

Must be worn or carried (the Wansfell Trail Race uses the FRA kit requirements as a basis for the minimum kit): 

  • Waterproof jacket (Trousers might be needed, depending on the weather)
  • Hat, Buff or similar.
  • Light Gloves.
  • Survival Bag - Only during 'Extreme Weather'.
  • Whistle.
  • Hill food - gels, bars, snacks.
  • Minimal First aid kit.
  • Race Vest/Small Pack or Bumbag must be worn to carry race kit in.
  • Safety pins x4 (or other device for attaching race number).

There will be random checks at the start of the race to ensure competitors have the minimum kit requirement.

Safety Notice: The Race Director reserves the right to ask for additional warm clothing (e.g. tights or long sleeve base layer etc) to be worn or carried dependent on the weather conditions on race day, so please come prepared. You will be informed of this at registration.

Safety and Course Marking

Mountain Run Events are extremely tight on safety at races they organise. Expect the following: 

  • Qualified 1st Aid members of the volunteer marshal's team
  • A fully marked course - Red Flags marking the general route with A5 Correx Arrow Boards at major directional changes
  • Manned Checkpoints
  • A professional events team

Race Rules

  1. This event is held in accordance with the FRA Rules and Regulations. The following additional rules and minimum kit requirements must also be adhered to.
  2. All finishers and retirees must report back to the Race Director/Timekeeper at the Event Centre. They must return their Results Base timing chips. This is a vitally important safety system and failure to maintain this rule will result in you being charged for the timing chip. THIS IS THE GOLDEN RULE.
  3. All competitors must follow the countryside code, especially in relation to shutting gates. It is also forbidden to climb any walls or fences. All competitors must stay on the fully way-marked course.
  4. All competitors must follow either the race route, as dictated by the Race Director or any officials of the race (i.e. marshals on the course). Similarly, any 'on the hill' safety announcements from marshals must be adhered to - these might include race abandonment or to wear waterproofs. The Race Director reserves the right to cancel the race.
  5. Race numbers must not be obscured during the race. Race numbers must be given to marshals on the course. This is an important safety feature spot we know you have passed through each checkpoint.
  6. There is a minimum age limit of 16 years old as of 24th of September 2016. (minors older than 12 will be allowed to race with the permission of the Race Director, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the course - please contact charlie@mountainrun.co.uk of you would like to qualify for this age category)
  7. Competitors must have good experience of trail running. By entering this race they accept the risks that are inherent from trail running.
  8. Use a whistle if in distress – 6 long blasts on the minute, every minute. Do not stop as rescuers may be using your whistles to locate you.
  9. Earphones: We have taken the decision to ban earphones from the race. This is for safety reasons. It is important to be fully aware of your surroundings, wearing earphones does not allow this. Any competitor found running with earphones will risk disqualification from the race.
  10. Competitors must offer help to any other stricken competitor. 
  11. Withdrawl pre-race – we will not have the facility in this years race to offer a refund, so please make sure you are fit and able at the time of entering.
  12. Dogs: Although we love dogs and run with them as our regular training partners, we are afraid to say to all you dog owners, that you are not able to bring your dog with you to race at the Wansfell Trail Race. This is due to many sensible reasons, one being sheep! Please do not attempt to run with your dog after the start has commenced, as you will be disqualified. 

Results for 2016

Results for 2017


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