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I Run At Home [#IRunAtHome] Challenge

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Pau Capell, Tofol Castanyer, Kilian Jornet and journalist, Albert Jorquera thought that it would be a good idea to all get together and run virtually, at home, at the same time with the Spanish run community. Ultra-trail runners love to spend long hours running in the mountains, but they wanted to emphasize that during this quarantine and isolation period, the most important thing is to get out of the house as little as possible and help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Ian Corless, the head of Skyrunning UK and his own very popular Talk Ultra website and podcast, has replicated the #YoCorroEnCasa phenomena/idea devised by Kilian and friends;

Ian writes: "Following on from the inspiration of Kilian Jornet and his team of Spanish runners who created #YoCorroEnCasa ( IRunAtHome ) - I am now, with their approval, getting #IRunAtHome off the ground in the UK.

Our Spanish friends raised an incredible 83000 euros!

It will take place April 18th between 0900 and 2100 hours.

Any age can take part. Any distance can be run. The idea is to bring together everyone, socially and virtually while running #inthehome to raise funds for the NHS who are fighting Covid-19."

As one NHS health professional told me [Ian C]:

"I cannot begin to tell you how things have been for the last three weeks for my teams and we are nowhere near “peak“ yet. No one is really working less than 14/16 hour days. So I am loving this challenge and have signed up to get some miles in. I am on shift on the 18th in the Incident Control Centre, but there is a treadmill in the building so I’ll see what I can get in."

Why #inthehome ?

Well, quite simply it emphasises the #stayhome message and it joins us with our run friends around the world, such as those in Italy and Spain who are locked down.

All the 'Mountain Run immediate Family' [Charlie, Nics, Winter and possibly Isaac and Millie] will be running around their garden and house to join in the fun, being part of the 'whole' and raise much needed funds to help cope with the ongoing pandemic.

We all hope our clients and followers out there in the UK are happy and able to take part.

We're looking forward to being part of the wider family of running, making a difference, for one day.

Stay happy, health and keep to the social distancing rules so that we can keep enjoying our daily exercise, respecting each other as we do.

Team Mountain Run

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