At Mountain Run we understand the importance of Navigation for mountain running...

Navigation is an essential mountain skill. Without this, you can get lost all too easily, ask the MRT's in the Lakes, they'll back this statement up.

If you head in the mountains to enjoy some free time, then you need to know how to navigate, its the skill of reading a map, setting a compass and following a bearing. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Just basic navigation skills are easy to learn, so is reading a map, so why does it all seem so daunting?

Like all new skills, until you have the knowledge, they seem so hard, once someone has unlocked the key, then you start to understand it all just basics and once you have the basics, you can move onto the next stage.

We have 3 levels of navigation skills courses:

  • Basic Navigation & Map Reading - designed for the total beginner
  • Intermediate Navigation & Map Reading - designed for the intermediate, who wants to know more
  • Advanced Navigation & Map Reading - designed for the skilled navigator who wants to learn some tricks and dark arts plus get micro-nav down to a T.


Bespoke Navigation courses

Improve your navigation skills with one to one tuition

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