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Learn the correct method of running with poles

There is a skill to running with poles, learn the basics to make your running with poles as efficient as possible

"I had a fantastic day yesterday [13th June 2018] and I have taken on board everything you taught me!

Thank you for the extra tips on downhill and uphill running - I just need to think less about falling and more on technique...

The poles by the end of the day felt very natural whether running / walking - excellent coaching! "

Ed Olcot

Gareth running with poles
Gareth Thomas running with poles in after dibbing a control on the 2005 LAMM
Gareth Thomas running with poles in after dibbing a control on the 2005 LAMM

Question: Anybody can use poles right?

Answer: Yes, but are they using them efficiently, creating forward propulsion as well as taking the weight from their legs?

On these day courses we will:

  • Talk about what poles are right for the job.
  • Why they are right.
  • Explain why they are usefull for mountain and ultra running
  • Remove the British Taboo regarding pole use
  • Teach you how to walk with poles
  • Teach you how to run with poles
  • Go for a run with poles in order for you to hone your newly learnt skills


Course Running With Poles 2 Cropped

Running with Poles | Lake District | Dates throughout the year

Learn to use poles the right way, and you will transform yourself from struggling biped to energy-efficient quadruped: move efficiently, improve your stability, and boost your...

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