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Guided Bob Graham Round

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66 miles. 42 Lake District Peaks. 8,200m ascent. 24 hours to finish.

If you’re looking for a serious running challenge, this is it. The classic Bob Graham is the toughest fellrunning route in England: it’s even on Kilian Jornet’s bucket list. Have you got what it takes? 

24 hour fully supported round: £700
48 hour/ 72 hour rounds: on request

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On the cover of Outdoor Fitness magazine: Charlie, our head guide, navigates for UK ultra runner, Damian Hall, on his Bob Graham Round

We’re the UK’s leading specialist in supported Bob Graham rounds over 24, 48 or 72 hours. We know the route inside out: not only have we run it ourselves; we’ve helped countless others to Bob Graham success. Will you be the next to join the Bob Graham Club?

Thanks for supporting me on my Bob Graham Round. Your navigation in cloud/dark was spot on and you were very good at motivating me to keep moving forwards and distracting me from my tiredness/pain. If anyone wants to have a crack at the round then I would wholeheartedly recommend you. 

Phil, September 2017 

The Bob Graham Story

The 42-summit, 66-mile Bob Graham Round was born back in 1932 when Bob Graham, a Keswick hotelier, marked his 42nd birthday by completing it in 24 hours. Taking in 42 of the highest peaks in the Lake District, it is no easy feat: only just over 2,000 of the hardiest fell runners have managed to follow in Bob’s footsteps in the 85 intervening years, to join the exclusive Bob Graham Club.

Achieving a successful round takes more than just fitness and grit: it takes mental strength, physical agility, mountain skills, route knowledge and 100% commitment to the goal in hand. Traditionally, aspirant Bob Graham Club members would train intensively on the course for a year or more, preparing themselves and learning the route, before recruiting a support team of experienced fell-runners with whom to tackle the challenge.

But there is another way ... 

Your Bob Graham Round

Make no mistake: a supported Bob Graham Round is not an easy option. Completing a 24 hour round is a seriously tough challenge, no matter how you do it. But opting for a guided and supported round does mean that you can focus on your own fitness and preparation, without having to worry about support crew or route knowledge. You can rest assured that when the big day comes, you will be in the hands of true experts who know the Lake District like the backs of their hands. We will be there to keep you on course in all weathers, and what’s more, we know exactly how to keep you on pace, fed, watered and motivated, every mile of the way. 

We can’t guarantee that you’ll succeed: that is down to you alone. It will take every ounce of fitness and mental aptitude that you possess to complete a 24 hour Bob Graham Challenge: we know, because we’ve been there. But we can promise you all of the benefit that decades of combined mountain-craft, route knowledge and navigational expertise can bring, giving you the very best possible chance of success when you need it the most. 

What to expect

Your safety is our first concern, so before we set a date for your Bob Graham attempt, we want to make sure that you’re ready for the challenge ahead:

  • Step 1: We’ll begin with an in-depth phone chat, where we’ll get to know your goals, running experience and expectations. At this point, we will begin to discuss timescales: we usually recommend that you allow yourself a year of preparation time (minimum: 6 months) to allow you time to train effectively for the challenge ahead. 

  • Step 2: We’ll ask you to join us for a full-day guided running assessment in the Lake District, where you can get a feel for the terrain and we can give you a realistic idea of your target completion time.

  • Step 3: Following your assessment, we’ll set a provisional date for your round and can supply a personalized training plan to get you ready for the challenge ahead.

  • Step 4: We will usually ask you to join us for at least one more day’s running 6 weeks before your planned Bob Graham date, if at all possible. This is for your benefit as well as ours, so we can make sure you’re ready. If all is well and you’re feeling strong, we will confirm and fix the date of your Challenge. If at all possible, we strongly encourage you to book several further recce trips, ideally completing all of the legs at least once and practicing joining some of the legs together before the big day: that way, you'll get used to long days in the hills; gain experience on the terrain and build confidence in yourself, and we'll be able to see that you are in the right place, training-wise, and ready for your round.

  • Step 5: D-Day: we’ll meet you at the start line (the iconic Moot Hall in Keswick) 45 minutes before your scheduled start. We’ll make a few final checks ... and then we’re off!

What's included?

The cost of your supported Bob Graham Round is £700, payable in two installments: a £200 deposit is due at the time of making your booking (usually 6-12 months before your planned Challenge date); and the remainder is due the day before your round takes place. Our fee includes:

  • In-depth telephone consultation
  • 24 hours’ guiding, navigation and TLC by our team of guides on the day
  • Unlimited support and expert advice (phone and email) in advance of your Challenge

What's not included:

  • Full-day running assessment (compulsory): £160 At least one full-day’s running assessment is required, to enable us to gauge your readiness for the challenge ahead. Further guided running, route recces, training with poles or mountain skills days are available if desired. 
  • In-depth personal training plan prepared by our partners at Missing Link Coaching (optional): price on application
  • Road support for your Challenge (optional): £350 This includes 2 drivers, fuel and transport, for 24 hours. We recommend that you provide your own road support team, to keep costs down. You will need two drivers, available for the full 24 hour period. 

Booking conditions

The terms and conditions below apply specifically to guided Bob Graham Rounds. Please see our full Terms and Conditions section for general booking information. 


Your deposit is non-refundable due to costs incurred at the time of booking. 

Postponement and cancellation

If we decide that it’s essential to postpone your round due to bad weather conditions, we will give you as much notice as possible and reschedule for the next mutually agreeable date. Your deposit will be transferred to the new date.

If you need to postpone your Round due to injury, please give us as much notice as possible. Additional costs may be incurred.

If you decide to cancel your round for any reason, any deposit(s) paid to date are non- refundable.


We cannot guarantee that you will succeed in completing your goal, nor that you will do so in 24 hours. We will do our utmost to enable you to do so, but ultimately it is up to you; your training; your mental preparation and your fitness. No discounts or refunds can be offered for non-completion. 

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