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Terms and Conditions

The legal stuff: when you book with us, you are agreeing to the terms, conditions and participant declaration laid out below. Short and sweet, our rules are designed to cover your back as much as ours.

Changing your booking

  • Should you wish to alter your booking once it is confirmed (i.e. after you have paid or received an invoice from us), you must do so in writing. A £25 admin fee will be payable.
  • Courses may only be transferred to another course date up to 8 weeks prior to the course being run.
  • Courses can only be transferred to another course, during an 8 month period. So if you have booked a course to be delivered on the 01/01/2019, then you can only transfer to another course held between that date and the 01/08/2019

Cancellations and refund policy

  • Should you decide to cancel your booking more than 4 weeks before your activity date, 50% of your fee will be refunded.
  • If we receive your cancellation less than 4 weeks before your activity date, no refund can be made.
  • Should we need to cancel the activity that you have booked, we will offer you the choice to EITHER receive a full refund of all moneys paid to date, OR to transfer your moneys towards another booking of your choice.
  • We advise you take out insurance for cancelations, as the above policy is not flexible.

Participant Declaration: all activities

Mountain Run accepts its responsibility to make its activities as safe as is reasonably practicable. However, adventurous activities are inherently hazardous and cannot be completely risk free, however hard we try. Accidents can happen without any contributory negligence from Mountain Run or its staff. Mountain Run can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or for personal injury not arising as a result of its own act or default.

By booking with us, you are agreeing to the following statements:

  • I am physically fit for the activity I have booked
  • I appreciate that the activity may be hazardous by its nature and I accept a certain element of risk
  • I agree to abide by such regulations as Mountain Run may consider advisable on the day of my activity
  • I confirm that I will adhere to the Minimum Kit recommendations provided by Mountain Run for the activity that I have booked
  • I confirm that I agree to release Mountain Run, its staff, agents, representatives, associates, sponsors, marshals, and volunteers for any and all liability, including but not limited to claims, liability, damages, demands, causes of actions for any loss, damage, injury, claim, legal fees or action arising from my participation in the activity I have booked. This release extends to any claim made by my family, estate, heirs, or assigns arising from or in any way connected with the aforementioned activities. This release does not include a release to Mountain Run for acts of its own negligence.
  • I understand and accept the above statements and accept that I have a responsibility to take careful note of instructions and to act in a way that will minimise the likelihood of injury. I am fit for the course and will inform Mountain Run before the course of any special medical conditions that might affect my safety.

Additional Participant Declarations: Race Participants

By entering a race organised by Mountain Run, you are agreeing to the following additional declarations. If you are under 18 on race day, you may participate in a race ONLY upon completion of a parental consent form. You will be bound by the same rules as senior participants, including those relating to mandatory kit:

  • I confirm that I am fit and healthy to take part in the race on the day of the race, and I understand that Mountain Run reserve the right to cancel my entry, should it be deemed by Mountain Run or their medical representative that I am not fit and healthy enough to participate or to continue in the event.
  • I confirm I am aware of the inherent risks of running on the fells and mountains
  • I confirm I am able to cross a road, whilst in use, without the help or assistance of a race marshal
  • I confirm I am able to complete the ascent, descent and distance stipulated for the race I have entered
  • I confirm I am skilled enough and/or possess the correct skill set to complete the race I have entered. I understand that, should it be deemed by Mountain Run that this is not the case OR if I have overstated or misrepresented my experience at the time of entering the race, Mountain Run reserve the right to cancel my entry.
  • I confirm all the information I have detailed in my race entry is correct and 100% honest
  • I confirm that I can make the decision of whether to start, continue or stop during the race and I am able to understand when I am not able to do so.
  • I confirm I can competently follow a way marked course
  • I confirm that if I retire from the race, at any stage, or for any reason, be it injury, fatigue or some other reason, then I will report immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible, my retirement to a race marshal, and upon returning to the event centre, I shall report my retirement to the Race Director. I confirm that if I retire, I will return any timing device provided by the race team, to the Race Director
  • I confirm, and allow, the race organisers, associated media partners to use imagery (still or moving) in marketing materials to promote future editions of the race, or any new race promoted by the Race Directors or Mountain Run. I confirm that any imagery may be used to promote the race, including but not excluding online, in printed media, video, news or broadcast.
  • I confirm that I have read all race literature, as displayed on the website, or through links provided on the website.
  • I confirm that I will comply with the race rules, and with any special requirements introduced by Mountain Run to suit a particular race (for example additional equipment, time limits, previous experience criteria) and these must be obeyed.
  • I confirm that I will use kit appropriate for the course and conditions, complying with any Minimum or Mandatory Kit stipulations made by Mountain Run on this website or in subsequent communications
  • I confirm that I will wear my race number on my chest at all times and show it to marshals at check-points. I will not fold or cut my race number.
  • Should I retire from the race at any time, I will inform the Race Organiser or his representative (marshall or race official) at once.
  • I will behave respectfully to other competitors, race officials and members of the public sharing the same area of countryside at all times
  • I will adhere to the Countryside Code, for example: I will shut any gates that I open; I will not climb dry-stone walls or wire fences, and I will respect private property and other users of the fells
  • I accept that failure to observe any of the rules stated above may result in disqualification from this and future Mountain Run races
  • Hypothermia is a serious risk for runners, particularly in inclement weather. I understand this risk, and I am familiar with the symptoms, treatment and avoidance of hypothermia. I am able to recognise hypothermia in others.
  • I understand that Mountain Run reserves the right to change the date, course or event base or, if necessary, to cancel an event entirely, in the event of Force Majeure (that is, unpredictable events beyond their reasonable control including, without limitation, natural disasters, war, civil or political unrest, terrorism and extreme weather). No refund will be available in this eventuality.
  • In the event of cancellation by Mountain Run, Mountain Run will not be liable for any costs that I may have incurred relating to the event, including (but not limited to) travel, accommodation and/or other costs.

Mountain Run is a trading name of The Outdoor Warehouse (Windermere) Ltd.

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