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We love to run in the mountains and we want to share our enthusiasm for this fantastic freedom of the body, mind and soul

At Mountain Run we understand your addiction, because we've got it bad too!

We love to run in the mountains and want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you too. We have many years of experience to pull from and have run for pleasure, desire and competition over the last 15 years. We believe that enthusiasm is infectious and we promise to make our courses simple to understand. 

Our mountain guides are Summer ML qualified and well versed in the mountains of the UK and further afield. Most of our spare time is spent in the mountains improving our skills & knowledge so we can teach you more and more. 

We are also involved in the planning and execution of Mountain Marathons and Mountain Races. This brings an extra understanding of what skills you need for travelling fast and light in the mountains. 

At the end of the day, we love the mountains and we want to help you understand this powerful emotion as well. 

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