Natural Running

We've been running in a natural way for millennia, until the 1960's with the advent of cushioned footwear

Question - What is Natural Running?

Answer - Obvious isn't it, its running in a natural way!

Question - OK, so if its that obvious why do we need to learn how to run in a natural way?

Answer - Because running is a skill!

All sports are looked upon as a skill, so why is it that running isn't? If you want to learn to play tennis, rugby, football or hockey, then you go to a club or get a coach, because we all know they are skills that need to be learnt. Well running is no exception. There is a certain skill to running. Had cushioned footwear not arrived on the scene in the 1960's, then we might still possess this skill naturally still, but since we have been wearing cushioned footwear for most of our childhood, adolescence and our adult life, we have literally forgotten HOW to run..... seem strange? Well it is, but its obvious when you look into how and why.

At Mountain Run we fully understand that running in a natural way is a skill and there are certain things that need to be learnt in order to get it right. Anybody can run, anybody can run naturally and anyone can run naturally in the mountains, but to get it right, without years of trial & error you might need some help. At Mountain Run we have developed day courses to help you learn and improve the skills you need to run in a natural way. If you like the results you can come back for more & more. 

So what does a day entail?

  • Learn why running is a skill
  • Learn what went wrong to create how we run now
  • Understand what footwear is good for natural running and why
  • Be taught correct posture, go through some drills and put into practice how this will help you improve your running style
  • Take home a before and after film of yourself running, showing some improvements in your style
  • Go for a natural run and then learn how to convert this newly found skill into mountain running and if we have time have a short run in the mountains.

The maximum number of people per course is 8, the minimum we will run the course with is 4 so please tell your friends as well. 


Bespoke Natural Running courses Bespoke Natural Running courses

Want to learn how to run naturally, as nature intended you to?

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