Mountain Skills

We all need Mountain Skills to head up into 'them tha hills', at Mountain Run we are fully qualified to teach you this important skill set

Mountain Run is all about running, in the mountains. Pretty simple really.

What you need for running safely in the mountains is a skill set. These skills are called Mountain Knowledge/Knowhow or Mountain Skills.

At Mountain Run we understand the importance of learning these simple but valuable pieces of knowledge and have designed day courses to teach you just this. Many folk are rescued each year by the Mountain Rescue Teams of the UK, for not being in full control, finding they are out of their depth and then calling the MRT's to help them back down to civilisation. Our Mountain Skills courses are designed to keep you happy and safe so you can confidently head up into the fells and look after yourself and others competently. We also design courses specifically geared towards Mountain Marathons, the group of events designed to make you test your fitness & skill over a 2 day courses with a midway camp & being self sufficient for 2 days racing, these are our Mountain Marathon Skill Day's. So whether your moving from trail to mountains or just new to the whole thing, we can help you acquire the skill set needed to make that transition.

What will you learn?

  • What equipment to take with you.
  • How to feed yourself and making sure you have enough nutrition to keep you going
  • Map reading skills suitable for use on Mountain Marathon Events
  • What ground to cover & what route choices you should take
  • How to identify good ground & plan a route through it
  • Tactics for Mountain Marathon events, linear & score

After one of these courses, you will feel more comfortable to take on that new challenge you have set for yourself.


Bespoke Mountain Skills courses Bespoke Mountain Skills courses

Mountain Skills can be self taught over time, or you can fast track with one of our bespoke courses.

Bespoke Navigation courses

Improve your navigation skills with one to one tuition

Mountain Skills

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