Navigation for Ultra Runners - Day and Night - 25th February 2017

Mountain Run are the preferred navigation coaches for the Lakeland 100 & 50 event. Therefore we are running a course for Ultra Runners.

Being able to use basic navigation skills is 100% necessary to completion of the 100/50 mile courses safely. We know its possible to use GPS, phones or follow the person in front. Its also possible to use the handbook to make your way round. However, if you do go off course, then you need to know how to get back on course or at least locate your position and navigate your way back to civilisation.

Its a very real possibility, if not a 100% given, that you will be out on the course during the hours of darkness. We will also be learning how to apply our navigation skills at night.

This course will give you the necessary confidence & skills to safely and effectively navigate your way around both of the distances.

Mark Rawlinson Dalehead Tarn
A jaunt out in foul conditions after the Lake District Mountain Trail was cancelled in 2014 ©MountainRun


£60 per person.

We will run the course on a 1:6, tutor to student basis. This is so you get the necessary attention and you get the most out of the day/night.

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Thumbing the map, an essential skill. ©MountainRun


Please advise if you require accommodation and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Ratio (Tutor to Client): 1:6 maximum


The course will be held on the Saturday 25th February 2017


12:00 until 20:00

The Location:

The course will be run at the Stickle Barn in Great Langdale, in association with the National Trust. We will be using one of the snugs for the theory session and then out on to the Lakeland 100/50 course from day into night. There will be sections of navigation that we do off the tracks to take your knowledge that little bit further. 

On a Navigation for Ultra Runners course you will learn the following:

  • Basic Navigation skillsA Further understanding of Navigation for night time & zero visibility
  • Understand contours in detail, this is an essential skill. 
  • What features to look for to help you navigate well. In this we include collecting features, hand railing, catching features and more.
  • Safe navigation techniques which are the basis of good navigation
  • Learn how to re-locate day or night
  • How to follow your route plan, the Lakeland 100/50 in this case. 
  • Confidence for navigating in the dark or poor daytime vision.
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Setting the compass ©MountainRun

Course Details:

The course will entail:

Theory and conversation/questions until we have a break around 16:00 & a quick bite to eat. After our break we will spend the rest of the time practicing what we have learnt in the theory and develop more skills on the mountains.


Please bring the following and make sure you have everything, although we have some spare kit, we don't have everything:

  • Compass
  • Harvey's 1:40'000, we will also supply some race maps to work on from the L100/50 event itself and will be covering some of the course. 
  • A good quality head torch will be necessary, please bring a touch with 150+ lumens of light available. 
  • Full waterproof cover (Jacket and Pants), these must be taped seems, please call to discuss if your not sure. 
  • Clothing suitable for the mountains & time of year - We will not really be running, so please account for that in your clothing selection (this should include a primaloft jacket, the weather could be snow, wind, rain or hail. It could possibly be all 4. We will be heading out no matter what the conditions, you will need plenty to stay warm & dry). 
  • 2 spare warm top, not cotton! Wool or synthetic will be fine
  • Suitable footwear for wet ground, preferably off road running shoes. We will be running to some degree, but it will not be fast. We are not competing against each other, but learning how to Navigate. Sealskin or Goretex socks will be a necessary. Waterproof running shoes will be ok, but there is a real possibility of your feet being immersed in cold bog. We will be concentrating on navigation foremost & getting it right, but we will keep pace to stay warm and replicate an event feel!
  • 2 x Hat, a balaclave & 3 x Gloves (1 light, 1 warm & 1 waterproof)
  • Hill-food & a flask for a hot drink. 

Please advise us of your experience, whether you understand anything, took a course in the past, we're an orienteer at school or are completely new to ultra running events.

About the course tutors: 

Charlie, who teaches the navigation course, is a seasoned ultra distance runner, having a come 12th= in the 2012 Dragon's Back Race. He made an attempt of the Montane Spine Race in 2014, but dropped at Horton-in-Ribblesdale because of an injury and has DNF'ed the Lakeland 50 after spitting his dummy over times after a long night at the Buttermere CP, although this year redeemed himself with a 28th placement in the L50 after the 22 hour ratified Bob Graham Round 2.5 weeks before hand. 

Mountain Run have run the Buttermere CP for 3 years on the trot and have also run the Ambleside CP for the last 2 years. Nicola, AKA Nics Nordic Walks (Charlie's better half) will be helping out on the course. 

Mountain Run have also planned mountain marathon courses freelance for companies like Ourea Events and Keswick Mountain Festival and were the course planners for the Marmot Dark Mountains 2013, 2015 and 2016. In the past they have planned courses for the GL3DBerghaus Trail Chase,  Saunders Lakeland Mountain MarathonRab Mountain Marathon & the Marmot 24 & are also the creators of the epic Lakes Sky Ultra race. See Charlie's CV for more details. 

You can be confident when you book a course with Mountain Run that you are getting years of experience in the mountains whether racing or just having fun.

Other tutor's will have similar experience.

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