Bespoke Mountain Running courses

Below is a general pricing structure for guided mountain running: 

1 single day, roughly 6/7 hours from pick up to drop off -  £160

1/2 days running, roughly 3/4 hours from pick up to drop off -  £100

More than one of you? We offer discounts for group bookings: 

Book as a 2 and get 20% discount per person (£120 per person) 

Book as a 4 and get a further 20% discount, per person (£96 per person)

Book as a 6 and get 35%+ discount per person (£60.00 per person)

The maximum group size we will accommodate is 6 with a single leader, this is due to safety of the group. 

If you have a larger group size, please Contact us for further information. We can accommodate this, but the price will be more as we will need more that one group leader to guide you.

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